Resources for girls, coaches & parents

Here are some great resources to inspire and empower!  We hope that you'll check back for more!





When Girls Became Lions by Valerie J. Gin & Jo Kadlecek

This book captures the impact Title IX legislation had on one mid-western town and celebrates women’s friendships against the backdrop of sport history. It is a story for everyone—from soccer dads and college coaches to professional athletes, high school competitors and the many women and men who support all of them.

The Gutsy Girl, Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure by Caroline Paul

Part memoir, part how-to adventure guide, this middle grade book is best described as Lean in for girls, set not in a boardroom, but in trees, on cliff edges and down wild rivers (and boys should read this too, so they grow up knowing that girls are gutsy too.) Caroline wrote this book because she believes that girls aren't encouraged to be gutsy, and so miss out on the things that adventure teaches so well: resilience, self-confidence, courage, and decision-making. 

Resources for Coaches



What Drives Winning by Brett Ledbetter

Learn how to achieve more through character development with lessons including:

  • How to separate the person from the player
  • How to distinguish the two types of character
  • How to overcome fear of failure
  • Plus many more!

This book is full of real-life examples and time-tested advice from some of the winningest coaches in sports history, as well as a number of easy-to-follow exercises that will help you better understand what will drive winning for yourself and your team. 



Mind, Body and Sport - Understanding and Supporting Student-Athlete Mental Wellness

Champions of Respect: 



TED Talk with John Wooden

The Filmroom - video series with Brett Ledbetter

Resources for Parents



Her Life Depends On It III: Sport, Physical Activity, and the Health and Well-Being of American Girls and Women



Generation iY: Secrets to Connecting With Today's Teens & Young Adults in the Digital Age by Dr. Tim Elmore

The 5th Anniversary Edition of Generation iY is one book every parent, educator, coach, and youth worker should read.

12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid by Dr. Tim Elmore

Tim talks about specific ways to improve your parenting skills and help your kids soar.