Having grown up as athletes we recognize how strongly these experiences shape our character and prepare us for adulthood. The skills we gained on the field are invaluable throughout life, building self confidence, leadership, responsibility and resilience.

We believe that sometimes it take just one mentor to influence the direction of your life.  At Girl.Strong. our goal is to build strong girls through positive sports experiences and mentorship providing an experience girls will remember as one of their defining moments.   

We believe there is power in community. We are fortunate to live in a place where opportunities for outdoor adventure are abundant. Bellingham is filled with phenomenal, inspiring women, from professional athletes, passionate outdoor adventurists and successful professionals. Our goal at Girl.Strong. is to access the power of this community of women that are passionate about sharing the joy and value in sports and the outdoors to girls.

We believe that all girls have strength, confidence and infinite potential within them. We're determined to help them build skills and realize their potential so they can be successful throughout their lives.

We believe in a big vision with a bright future and our ability to build it together.